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About Me

Welcome to my website! I'm Carlie, a digital illustrator who loves helping others bring their creative visions to life through my art.


I've illustrated children's picture books and book covers, animated short films, created concept art for numerous kinds of projects, and helped create product mockups for retailers. My superpowers are my ability to emulate different art styles and my ability to speak fluent Japanese!

In addition to great storytelling, I'm a HUGE gamer and spend my time playing games from Zelda, Skyrim, God of War, Call of Duty-- the list goes on!

When I am not gaming, my passions involving cooking, exercising, and exploring my city!

I lived in Tokyo for five months in my senior year of college, during which time I had a blast exploring many places and riding the subway everywhere. (It's like a whole other world underground, with shops and restaurants and everything!)


When I'm not drawing, studying Japanese, or playing video games, you will find me reading (the Lord of the Rings (again)) riding the Peloton, and working at a beautiful Japanese tea house here in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Traveling, video games, TV shows and movies, well-told stories, and even funny memes are all great sources of inspiration for me.

Send me a message and let's work together!

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